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Lonestar Quilt

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 Longarm Quilting is what we love to do! After making only three quilts on a domestic machine I jumped in and bought a Longarm! Now years later... I still  love the quilting process and really love to Quilt for others. Whether it's Longarm Quilting your quilt top or making custom made quilts from start to finish. We are happy to help with any of your quilting needs.

Custom made quilts

Custom Orders

We are happy to make quilts from start to finish or just quilt your top. Whatever your need we are happy to accommodate. 

Custom Quilting


Current Pricing

Just Basting 4 inch .0100

Edge to Edge Designs.0250

Semi Custom .0300-.0350

Light Custom .0350-.040

Custom  Starting @.045-

Heirloom Starting @.070 

To figure out an estimate of what your quilt will cost to quilt. Measure Width x Length take that number and multiply by number from above.

What you Should Know

Before You send your Quilt

Please have your quilt top and backing pressed before Longarm Quilting . Your backing fabric needs to be at least three inches bigger all the way around. i.e. three inches top, bottom and both side. If mailing your quilt, return shipping will be added to you total.

We Also Offer Batting

The battings that we offer:

Quilters Dream 100% Cotton .004

Hobbs 80/20 Poly Cotton blend-.0025

Hobbs 100% Wool-.0035

Hobbs Poly Down-.0019

Pellon 50/50 Soy Cotton blend .0025

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